Business Review

Business Review is the initial stage of working with us. We analyse your current business scenario to establish the most appropriate route forward.  Your Business Review will assess the strength of your structure, financial position (assets & liabilities), tax position, key personnel, staffing, banking and credit facilities, trade accounts, supplier agreements, directors loan accounts, undertakings and guarantees. Your review will allow us to make recommendations and to set up a plan of action for Business Recovery, Restructuring or Turnaround.

Cash-flow Management including a review of your Banking & Financing arrangements

We can run a cash-flow insolvency test on your business and help you regain control of any areas that are dragging you down. We review your receivables and payables; both require appropriate systems and management to maintain control. We’ll ensure that you have efficient debtor book collection processes in place. Debt can be a major cause of stress on and in a business. We use a systemised approach to debt management that is simple to set up, without having a negative impact on the long-term trading relationships with customers.

Creditor Negotiations

From time to time it is necessary to undertake re-negotiations of trading terms with suppliers and other creditors simply to ease cash-flow whilst other processes are implemented or reviewed.  Done in the right way this does not have to be detrimental to the long-term viability of the business, as all involved have a vested interest in a positive outcome. We are experienced in negotiating to protect company solvency.

Business Turnaround

Our Business Turnaround services include the implementation of cash-flow management, creditor negotiations, cost reduction plans and growth strategies. We will help you transform your current business plan to paint a more profitable, stable view of the future with the right budgets and management strategies in place.

Business Insolvency Preparation/Dissolution

At R2B we are experienced Insolvency Consultants. Sometimes it is not appropriate for the business to continue trading, and it must cease to stop incurring further debt. The directors have obligations and responsibilities to act in the best interests of creditors and appropriate action should be taken.  However, before we commence the cessation of your business, all appropriate alternative avenues will be explored.

The above is not an exhaustive list of the support that we can offer. If you are concerned about Business Insolvency or need any form of Business Rescue services, do get in touch to see if we can help.