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Extensive Experience

Our team have a combined 30 years of experience in helping businesses who are struggling.  We work out of our office in Hailsham but will gladly visit you at your premises or home all over London and the South East.  From the very start, you will deal with one primary contact, with a support team for cover.  We do this to make sure we have a deep understanding of your situation and you know that you can trust us.  Our service is discreet and completely confidential at all times.

Working for You

Because being in debt can be a very isolating experience, we listen to you carefully and without judgement to provide frank, honest advice and support.  We work for you, not the bank or HMRC or your other creditors, to do everything we can to improve your situation and take the stress and worry of being in debt away from you.

Realistic Goals and a Clear Plan

Once we’ve gathered all the information we need about your situation, we give you a realistic idea of what we can do for you.  We would never promise to get you a result we weren’t confident in achieving.  Instead, we use our extensive experience and knowledge to set realistic goals and formulate a plan to achieve those goals.  During the process of getting you back on track, we take all the stress away from you by handling creditors and negotiating on your behalf.

Open and Frank Communication

We’re totally open about everything we do on your behalf and keep in contact with you throughout the process to set your mind at ease.  That means that instead of dreading the phone ringing in case it’s creditors demanding payment for overdue bills, you can relax knowing that we are talking with the creditors on your behalf and you receive updates on the progress we are making to resolve your debt problems.

Being in debt can be distressing for business owners, so we work for you to lessen that distress and improve your situation whether you are temporarily struggling with cash flow or need to wind up your business.  To find out more about us and how we help businesses in debt, call 01323 446644 for a free consultation.


I was extremely impressed with the way that Darran handled my case.  Not only was this dealt with in a professional manner but also discretely & efficiently. 

Mr & Mrs H
I am under no doubt that without Darran leading us calmly, professionally and expertly through the whole process, we simply would not have made it”
Mr & Mrs H