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Resolving financial
problems for
Small Business

Helping Businesses with Debt Problems

When businesses and business owners get into debt, it can be very helpful to have someone on your side.  We work with businesses to achieve the best possible outcome from your debt situation.  Because we work for you, the business owner, and not the bank or creditors, our only aim is to improve your situation by helping you manage your debt issue.

Don’t Face Debt Alone

Getting into debt can feel very isolating with demands coming from all different directions and business owners often find themselves keeping things from colleagues and even friends and family.  We are there for you every step of the way dealing with the creditors on your behalf, so you aren’t constantly worried about the phone ringing, negotiating terms, looking at the best way to manage your assets, dealing with colleagues and even talking to family members if you need support in explaining the situation to them.

Improve Your Outcome Whatever Route You Take

Whether you have found yourself in difficulty after long term business problems or a one off illness or other sudden occurrence, we can help you either, recover the business, restructure it or wind it up with the best outcome for you.  We will give you honest and realistic advice about your options and will gladly work with Accountants, Insolvency Practitioners and Business Coaches to get the most appropriate and favourable solution for your business.

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